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Deleting personal profile

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Novel Adventurer

I joined Skype years ago on a long since withdrawn business e-mail address and long forgotten password

Having now also changed computer I have lost my 'direct access' so need the password, or original e-mail to progress.

Having neither I have the choice to 're-join', which is not a problem, but what is a problem is how do i delete my personal profile when I cannot access the old 'name'

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Super Adventurer

if the original account has a billing or purchase history in the last 6 months, you can request for a new password without the need of your registered email address. just click the link below;


if none, then there may be no more ways to access it or to request for a new password.  yet, your original account if will remain unused will soon be tagged as inactive and will disappear in the Skype search results.

Novel Adventurer

Thanks for response VooDooDoll, but the problem remains. I can only access support in the same way as I access Skype currently. that is through my wife's 'account', so I can still not get to my profile?

I have noted the "your original account if will remain unused will soon be tagged as inactive and will disappear in the Skype search results' comment in previous mails", but how soon is soon? I have had spells of in-activityon my accounty over the years, stretching to months not just days, but never had it made inactive?.

Surely if there is no answer to what must have been faced byothers it suggests something that warrants action, or at least a warning before 'members' are invited to load profiles that could be come an 'un-changeable embarassment?

Super Adventurer

If i remember it right, your account will be tagged as inactive if there are no activities for 6 months.  unfortunately, without a recent purchase history, I think it would no longer be possible to access that account.  you can try to contact Skype (, but I am not confident that they can assist you on this one.

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