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Deleting Blocked Contacts

Novel Tourist

Suggest you unblock the contact (Crt unblock), delete and then block again(Crt block). Works for me

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This worked for me with Mac Os X lion 10..7.3
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On Mac OS 10.7 Lion, I control-clicked the blocked contact and selected "Close" and that seemed to have worked to get them out of my sidebar.


Hope that is helpful.

Novel Adventurer

Hi I have a solution! I am really happy that I removed all my blocked contacts from Skype.

But this is good news for iPhone users as I did it with help of my iPhone.  

In Skype privacy settings (tab Blocked contacts)  there is no button to delete blocked contacts (as u have already noticed), but in Skype for iPhone it is.  So, u could delete all your blocked contacts from iPhone then delete all conversations with these contacts. and that's it.

Step by step:

1. open Skype app on the iPhone;

2. choose Contacts then Blocked Contacts;

3. press the contact and then press settings button in right top corner;

4. choose Remove from Contacts, then do the same for each contact; 

5. go to Messages;

6. delete all conversations with blocked contacts.

7. restart the app on the iPhone;

8. restart Skype on your computer; 

9. check the list of blocked contacts in Skype settings on the computer; It must be empty

If not, just try to do somthing similar using your iPhone, because it always synchronizes with your Skype on the computer and all blocked contact will appear on both skypes.

 If u have many blocked contacts it will be a long process but u'll see the result. I hope u will cope with this.  

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Hi. Ihave a blocked spam contact named "%|" thats keeping poping up every time i start Skype. In the conversation list its mentiond like i tried to call him/her.

Pls advise me how to get rid of this annoying matter

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I did what you explained above, but I get all the blocked contacts back on the I phone after the sync!!! I really want to get rid of the blocked contacts, but how!!!

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Gogo to block contacts hold the finger on the picture and after follow like you delete the for me.a they start shaking and after you know what to do.
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Hold finger on pictures and when pictures start shaking just delete them like App.
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HOly moly do you know how long that would take. I have 4 from today and 9 from yesterday. It just really ticks me off because I had chosen to only have interaction with my contacts.

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Casual Tourist

I know how to do this:


You need to unblock the person.  (they will reappear in your contacts)

Right click over thier name and remove them from your contacts list.
 (this will move them into the recent section).

Then you need to go into your Tools, Options. Privacy  - and clear your History from IMs and SMS.

Once you have done this it deletes all conversations (so beware - it deletes everything) 

and any names in that tag section. 

Hey Ho - getting rid of all the people and numbers you have removed from your contacts list.

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