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Changing privacy settings from my iPad

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Novel Tourist
Hi, I joined Skype recently and started receiving anonymous calls to my iPad and also to my mobile last night. Can someone tell me how to change my privacy settings from my iPad ( I don't have access to a pc) to prevent random calls? I can't see a "tools" or "options" feature on display when logging in via my iPad. Thanks
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Super Adventurer

Unfortunately, privacy settings are not available in the current version of Skype for iOS device.  You may indeed need to access your account using a computer to change your privacy settings.  Once this is done, the selected privacy settings will also apply to your account when you login to Skype in your iPad.


Novel Tourist
Hi, many thanks for the advice but my privacy settings were already restricted to my contacts (on my pc) however, I received scam on my iPad and iPod..
Hope SKYPE will change this within the next iOS updates.
Novel Tourist

I hope the Skype folks realize how completely ridiculous this is!  With the advent of the iPad, many folks are now traveling without laptops and have absolutely no access whatsoever to a computer with Skype installed.  It's patently unfair (and extraordinarily short-sighted)  to glibly state that yup, you need to log in on a computer. 


Not only is there no way to change privacy settings on iOS devices, there is no way to change them at


Can somebody from Skype please kindly confirm that you are addressing this glaring shortcoming in your service, SOON?

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I am in a similar position the pc that Skype was originally installed on has been flattened so I only have access to skype via the iPad , please sort something out quickly otherwise I shall have to remove Skype to stop unwanted spam calls .
Novel Tourist
Yes this really needs to be fixed in the next update or I'm gonna have to delete Skype
Novel Tourist

This is a major issue.  The iPad and iPhone imo are those platforms where Skype provides most value. I will also have to uninstall until this is fixed, which is a shame as it has become my mobile phone.

Novel Adventurer
Changing your privacy settings on either a PC or Mac as I have both does not prevent the unwanted calls coming through on either my iPhone or iPad. I have in the past repeatedly set my privacy seetings at "Contacts Only" but it seems for reasons that I cannot quite determine my privacy keeps resetting to "Anyone", thus the opening the gate for unwanted callers, this may be as a result of Skype updates. Unfortunately the only solution left is to change your Skype account and start afresh. This is a radical move but it is the only real solution.
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Same thing has happened to me. I have received more than 10 contacts from unsolicited sources (usually U.S. "army personnel" or "Skype maintenance") just today, but my settings are correct on my laptop...HELP! It is driving me nuts. It has definitely become worse in the last few days.
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I too, get lots of unsolicited calls from army personnel. My Skype settings on a PC at contacts only, but still get calls on my ipad.

Is there anything I can do?
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