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Captcha doesn't work

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Novel Tourist

I couldn't remember my password.  I tried so many times that it started asking for a captcha too.  After resetting the password *and* making sure I typed it in correctly, it is still asking for captchas.


But they don't work! I have typed it in correctly so many times, even checking for letter case, and it repeatedly says I didn't.  Once would be a fluke, but this is every single time.  It is my conclusion that the captcha is broken.  I even tried disregarding letter case and typing it all in lower-case.


The audio recitation is useless, as it sounds like a line of gibberish.


So is there any other way to get around the broken captcha?

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Routine Adventurer
try typing in every letter combination
Novel Adventurer

The same thing happened to me, I started emailing them to someone who is great at them and they didn't work. I think their security thing is completely broken, even I get the third or fourth one right usually. I can't use my account at all now and I can't find any contact details to tell them about it.

Novel Adventurer

I forgot to mention, I only mistyped my password ONCE and it did this to me...

Novel Tourist

atleast you have the captcha.  in trying to sign up for a new account, its completely missing.  at first i thought it was a browswer incompatibility glitch (now that i see this is a microsoft product) so i bothered to load that (offensive text removed) and that's even worse.


it must be wide-site broken.  how (offensive text removed) does a microsoft have a broken captcha????

Novel Tourist

same to me, i try to send another code 3 time, but none of them can 

Novel Tourist

I experience exactly the same now, stupid captcha.


I had a skype name attached to the same account though, with that it worked (and not the microsoft account)

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