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Call us overprotective

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Novel Adventurer

When I try logging into my Microsoft account I get the following message:

Call us overprotective...

...but we need to make sure you can receive a security code in case you ever lose access to this account. Where should we send your code?

Below this is a selection box for email address. The address shown is an old email address with my previous ISP and has been deleted. However there is a promising looking drop-down arrow which provides a second choice: "I don't have these any more". When selected this returns the message:

If you can't access any of these then you need to update your security info at

When a go to this webpage I am presented with a Microsoft account sign-in and when I attempt to sign in I get the message: That Microsoft account doesn't exist...

Now here's the thing - When I first try to sign in through Skype my Microsoft account AND password are recognised. I know this because when I intentionally misspell my password I get the message: "That password is incorrect...". Only when I get both my account name and password correct does Skype wish to be "overprotective".

If I play dumb and select the deleated email address, Skype sends a verification code to it which I'm supposed to retrieve and enter into the box provided. As the address is obsolete I am unable to complete the sign-in.

I've tried accessing my Windows account via my Skype account but there doesn't seem to be any facility to do this.

So it appears that I am now effectively blocked from accessing my Windows account,

Has anyone else had this experience. Does anyone know how to fix this? Any assistance would be much appreciated as I have lost several contacts. Thanks.

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Novel Tourist

Same problem for me.
I just found out that the address is the wrong one.

You have to go on to be able to connect to your account and change your information.

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Casual Tourist

It's most likely another microsoft screw up.  Accounts created from old hotmail or outlook are not transferred to this "windows account".  However, in the drop down menu, where we can choose "I don't have these any more", I was given choices of my cell phone numbers.  Perhaps the options would be available if you have filled out your cell phone numbers in your account profile? and of course if you feel comfortable letting them have it.


Most social network sites have been abusing words like protection or security as excuses to validate our personal information i.e. phone numbers, additional email addresses, etc.. for target ads or other uses.  Now it's over protective or over intrusive?  I hope they just drop the whole thing. Account transfer from windows live messenger to skype has caused enough trouble for their users. 

Novel Tourist

Same problem for me.
I just found out that the address is the wrong one.

You have to go on to be able to connect to your account and change your information.

Novel Adventurer

Yes - I didn't provide any phone numbers because I generally try to limit the amount of information I give out on the net

Novel Adventurer

Good skills AlineC - that worked.

Thanks very much.

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