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Call Screening - Screen Unwanted ROBO Calls ROBOCALLS

Novel Adventurer

ROBO Call Screening - Automated Robotic Call Screening and Denial - Pre-screen calls


No More RoboCalls !No More RoboCalls !

 Skype / Microsoft we need a call screening option / plugin for Skype that would pre-screen robocalls by playing a recording prior to allowing the Skype Customer's phone to ring and playing a message that requires the caller to take action " If Human " by pressing a number (not necessarily 1)  to prove they are human and not a ROBO CALLER   before their call is allowed to ring on the Skype Customer's phone. 


The screening service should allow the Skype User / customer to adjust setting such as record their own screening message and choose what number the caller must press to prove they are human and be connected. 


ATT , Comcast , and many other telephone companies offer this service to their landline and VOIP customers now, why can't Skype / Microsoft offer the same service for Skype Customers ?


It can't be that difficult to write this type of program - Maybe this is an opportunity for a private software developer to work with Skype to integrate a solution for the Skype Community to stop ROBOCALLS  - even if it were a paid service, many of us would be willing to subscribe ...   Please respond to this post with your feedback.  Thank You. 


More information on ROBOCALLS and TELEPHONE SCAMS here: Robocalls - Read More



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Routine Adventurer

100% agree. I'm a business user in the UK with US contacts, hence the need for a US Skype number. Worked well until recently those annoying US robo calls have started flooding in. An absolute pest.

We're considering cancelling our Skype number if Skype cannot get this stopped.

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Novel Tourist

Agreed. I have had to cancel incoming calls from unknown numbers on my Skype number, rendering it useless to me for business calls from potential clients. If that's how it's going to be, then having a skype number is a total waste of time for me.
If anyone with Skype Microsoft sees this - GET ON THE STICK. Figure this out. There's apps out there for my iphone to block robocalls, why isn't there one here?

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