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Blackmail scam

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Novel Adventurer

i have a girl black mailing me aswel i dunno what to do and skype wont help its like there apart of it you think they would just sign on the profile and delet everything they have on it if any1 has ideas please help it seems to be a big thing these days skype is no help once this resolves i will be not comeing back to the site because of it but is it even ture ar they able to put it al over ur friends facebook and al or ar the just screen shots that cant be uploaded anywere please reply

Casual Adventurer

They make a copy of your cam and they have the details of your contacts and so they can send the vid if they want to.....  once you pay up, what's to stop them coming back for more cash?  The perpetraters are probably not in any jurisdiction that would prosecute so they are bullet proof.....  I would have expected Microsoft to have made Windows safer from this type of scam, how do they seem to suck your contact list during a Skype call?  Skype is also owned by Microsoft.  They can't even give us advice about safety measures like closing down your email provider etc.....  so now, I'm fussy about using my cam, there are also fake cams which only show a vid as well so you don't see the guy in Ghana etc

Novel Adventurer

tats rediclous that they can do that thanks for getting back to me and explaing

Novel Adventurer

I just got into a same thing today morning. A girl got me to strip and do stuff on cam and later on the vid was played back to me. 



I blocked her on skype n deleted her and deactivate my FB. Hoping that my vid wont show up. Got goodle alerts up.

her id: houda.sosita1

Be safe. 

Anyone who got scammed and their video did end up getting published?

Super Adventurer

here ares some suggestions that you can consider;

* end all any form communications with them, block and remove them from your Skype, Facebook, and other social media accounts used to interact with them.

* report their Skype username to, so Skype can check and do something against their account if found needed (such as possibly terminating their accounts)

* if you think still necessary, you can also consider reporting them to your local police. Then the police can contact Skype to request for information or assistance that they may need. Most likely, your local police already know how they can get in touch with Skype.


Casual Adventurer

What I don't understand is how they can drag your contact list from your computer through your open Skype account, Facebook contacts even when signed out of Facebook.  There must be a way of isolating an open Skype account from the rest of your computer to stop this.  A lot of people won't use Skype now

Routine Adventurer

I heard of simular almost happening to a friend only he's more up on the scams throught skype,

so he used a laptop with no contact details  and didn't have many in his skype  as didn't  use it much

A girl tried the same and asked him to strip but instead , he got his girlfriend to strip for scammer and scammer log off and blocked him, very extreme but worked for him


seems a lot of issues around microsoft e-mail account, , so wouldn't it be better if skype took out options to login into skypw using microsoft account and facebook , 


and also give skype users the option to turn off and on contact requests  and let user turn it on when need 

just a thought 


Casual Adventurer

I don't know if there is a connection now that Skype is owned by Microsoft.  At the same time I stopped using my hotmail accounts.  I tried to close them but was unable to log into Microsoft, I tried for a few months and gave up.  Now I use different email accounts and my email provider on my computer no longer picks up my hotmail, I've also stopped using Windows as an email provider.  Since then I've had no accounts hacked and no issues.  In my case I met a woman on another site and she suggested Skype, now I won't go anywhere at their suggestion, but may suggest Yahoo if I feel like it, never had any hacking there at all, but lots of hacking via Microsoft.  I thought they would have had computer security covered, but it seems not.

I only Skype with my family living abroad and that works for me.

Routine Adventurer

yahoo is used a lot by hackers too, have come across it from clients who got more hackers and scameers on yahoo than yahoo,, some  place won't accept any e-mail accounts from microsoft and yahoo  because of security issues, i think microsofr owns yahoo too, 


best to do for now is reject any contact requests from unknow untill skype do something which doesn't look it will ,, or look for better voip  service, there more out ther now

even gooogle have there own called hangouts, , seems ok 

think you find other recommended  voips on a search and check the reviews 

Casual Adventurer

I can't afford to have a tablet set aside just for this so may explore other voips.....  in the meantime I have used Yahoo when I've instigated it but don't use it often now and not Skype at all apart from family.

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