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Another contact-request scam (???)

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This is the contact-request message I received followed by the “chat” I had with what I am assuming was a bot:




“Hi, I was checking ppl near me and i came across your page and you seemed worth talking to



(ME): did you check for people "near" you when Skype does not give you the option to search for users based on location???

[12:50:28 AM]

sandra.hamiltonvlq: k, well, I  have to go .  ... Hmm..  would you like to check out my profile and pics..?

[12:50:42 AM]

sandra.hamiltonvlq: check it out:

[12:50:57 AM]

sandra.hamiltonvlq: search for me as talinm.




The profile originally had a picture of a girl, but the picture disappeared when I sent the instant message.  I blocked and reported the account when the bot responded.  Has anyone else received a message from that account or instructions to go to that site?  Is this a well-known scam like the others (such as Friendjungle) to get credit-card information?

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Super Adventurer

most likely it is a scam, or at least an annoying strategy to promote that particular site.  you indeed made the correct action of blocking the user and reporting them to skype.  you can also set your privacy settings to allow messages (and calls) from people in your contact list only, to avoid receiving such unwanted communications in the future.


Novel Adventurer

Ive had the exact same message myself from two different usernames. Just block them and move on y):

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