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Account hacked and Paypal account charged

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Novel Adventurer

Recieved a mail yesterday from Paypal that Skype had charged my paypal account. I have not authorized this, and tried to log into my account to see what was going on. I then realized that my account was hacked, and the email was also changed, so I have no control of my account.


I have of course contacted Skype support, and I have also changed my password to Paypal and removed "recurring payments" to Skype. My paypal account is not hacked, but this was a reminder, so I chose to change the password just to be certain, and also deleted my credit cards. For some reason payments to Skype is put to "recurring" at Paypal as default, which is totally unacceptable. This is the reason that the hackers could charge med paypal account when buying credits, I assume?


I just have to wait for Skype support to respond and hopefully delete my account. Fortunately there is not much personal information, but the feeling of being hacked is not good.


I have read some posts on this forum and it seems like I can´t expect much help from Skype. And it seems like security breach is very common for Skype.


My advice is for people using Skype:

- Do not use any real personal information on your account.

- Preferably create a e-mail for skype use only, of course with fake name

- Do not link your skype account to paypal, and make sure payments to Skype is not "recurring". For me it was as default, and you have to deactivate this manually on your Paypal account.

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Novel Adventurer

Just wantet do say that my issue has been resolved. Thanks to Skype support who have been very helpful. After verifying the account, they suspended the account and changed the email to one of my other emailaddresses. I was then able to reset the password and take my account back.


Appreciate the support from Skype very much.


Still, my strong advice to everyone is to make sure you check that you do not have recurring payments through f. example paypal just to make sure, as it seems that it is way too common that people get their skype accounts hacked.

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