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Account created using Microsoft Hotmail login DOES NOT WORK!

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I just spent several hours on this website and I am sooo frustrated!


Let's start from the beginning:


My wife wants to start using Skype so this morning I start my computer (Windows XP) and go to While creating the new account I noticed the "Skip this step by signing in with your Microsoft or Facebook account" so I used her Hotmail login (she is not computer-savvy and  I thought I would make it easier for her by using her Hotmail signon). I expected her userid to be the Hotmail signin and the password to be the one from Hotmail.


So I created the account, installed Skype on my son's iTouch, and tried to sign in... Kept getting "We didn't recognize your Skype Name and password". Went back to the computer and tried to the the Skype userid, Skype sent an email to the Hotmail account, I clicked on the link and got "Sorry that password token is not recognized, please try entering it again or get another password token."

After a few more tries I realized that a Microsoft login was not going to work on the iTouch (wish they could have given a warning). In the mean time I learned that I can not delete a Skype account so I decided to create another account this time in Skype... Didn't work because her email address is already used by the account I created earlier for her. So I went into the profile, added a new email address, made it priority, and deleted her Hotmail email address. When I click save I was asked for the Skype password... that I don't have because I created the account using Microsoft Hotmail and it does not recognize the Hotmail password.


I then tried to send an email to support, but it would not let me because I have no billing address on file and it also wants the last two phone numbers called to validate... and I have not made the first call yet. Sent am email to but that came back undeliverable.


My problem now is that my wife only has one email account, and that is the Hotmail account. I need to find a way of removing the email address Skype now has on file for her so that I can create a new plain and simple account in Skype. I assume the email address is important and needed to get notifications so "faking" one is not going to work.


Please help! Again, I tried for hours to contact support and could not.


I can be reached at *edited for privacy*









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I'm expecting to see support for login with your hotmail account to arrive with the next update for Skype for iOS. We don't know exactly when that will be unfortunately.
Either you decide to wait for that or you contact Skype customer service to have your hotmail based Skype account deleted so you can sign up for a "normal" Skype name.

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I'll wait
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i created my account the same way and i got the same problem and i was trying for like hours or so. then i almost gave up and tried signing up through old method i.e through entering ur whole info. but i tried entering my hotmail id that i used before for the signing up and entered all the info and set a user name and password as i wish and signedup and it worked. i think u shd give it a try too. remember : enter ur wife's hotmail id to signup in old method.

Casual Tourist

I have the latest version of the Skype Product installed on my WINDOWS PHONE 7.

I have a skype account using my hotmail account.


When I try to enter my skype account name:  livexxyyyyxxxx  and password word combo on the MOBILE skype version it continues to fail...


Has anyone figured this out yet?


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