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subscription not working

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Hi Andre,


I have ordered unlimited subscription monthly package for India as follow


order was completed successfully and is now active condition


Please see a summary of your subscription below


• First payment was taken on: Mar 20, 2012

• Next payment will be taken on: Apr 17, 2012
• Order reference: xxxxxxxxx
• Total amount: 13,89


Last few days back, When I call to India mobile or landline,my call gets fail always saying call failed. After I checked my skype account I got message that "Unfortunately, you cannot purchase products or redeem vouchers at this time. Please contact us regarding your account status."


Pls help me, How to contact customer care to solve this problem or give any other advise to solve this issue. waiting for your reply at *edited for privacy*

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i tried this link before itself. But I could not reach customer care. Is there any other choisce to solve this issue. Pls help me

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This really is the only way to Contact Skype.


The other option is to cancel your subscription. Here's a link on how to do that.


Also make sure auto-recharge is turned off. Here's a link on how to do that.




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