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contacting skype via email regarding payment issue

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Casual Tourist

I would like someone to contact me via email regarding the following issue:


I received a notification my account with Skype has been canceled.  I surmise that for some reason or another Citibank has not been sending payment via electronic payment per my contract with SKYPE.


I have contacted Citibank just now via email, sending then the following message.


(please email me back with your contact phone numbers so I can resolve this unfortunate incident or issue which I have first heard about an hour ago via an email to me from SKYPE)


Received this from your accounting operations.


Something wrong here as the payments are suppose to be make automatically when they g3et near the ten dollar mark.


I have not been following payment as it has been done automatically-and this is the first notification.


How can this be?  This amount shown is very strange and very incredulous to be this high unless Citibank Guam Visa has been not paying the amounts when charged by SKYPE.


Obviously if this is true, for about the past five or so months by my estimate this has been happening.


What is perplexing is that the credit card is still good and ca not understand how it was’t paid.


Could you send me the past 2012 payments so I can see what has been going on?


I will send this on to Citibank as an inquiry.


Anyway, I do not want to cancel my SKYPE account.


Thank you.


Alan J. Sokoloff

*edited for privacy*


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Skype <>
To: *edited for privacy*
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2013 9:25 PM
Subject: Problem with your payment




This is an automated email, please don’t reply.







Hi there     Alan Sokoloff,







Problem with your payment

Unfortunately, your payment failed, but don’t worry, we didn’t deduct   any money from your card.

Here are your order details:

Skype Name: alan.sokoloff4
  Total amount: $71.28
  Transaction date: Jan 28, 2013
  Order number: [removed for privacy]
  Order status: Refused

Why was my payment refused?

Reasons for your card payment failing can be:1. You entered the wrong   details. Make sure you have the correct details and try again. You didn't   have enough money on your card. Make sure you have enough money before you   try again. You might be using an anonymous proxy or proxy server to access   the internet, which we don't allow during the purchase process. Skype is   always doing its best to protect you from any kind of fraud. Sometimes this   can cause perfectly legitimate purchases to be refused.

What can I do?

We recommend using another card or one of our other payment methods   such as Skrill, one-off bank transfer or retail vouchers. View the different ways to pay for Skype products.


Talk soon,
  The people at Skype


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Thanks for any assistance

Alan J. Sokoloff

*edited for privacy*



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Novel Adventurer

I am having the same problem regarding payment . Have been told that my payment has been cancelled and I have not even asked for more money to put on my account .. Frustrated . I always have it automatically done and at my age do not need these complications .

Casual Tourist
Why was there nearly £9 taken out of my skype account
Novel Adventurer

My subscription was canceled TWO months ago and I am STILL  being charged.  I want he charge reversed TODAY and I do not want any further withdrawals, or I will be contacting the BBB!!


I also want a response to [Removed for privacy]


Super Adventurer

I think all concerns mentioned above should be brought to the attention of customer support for clarifications and further assistance;



Novel Adventurer

I have attempted numerous times to contact you.  I just get stuck in the endless and unhelpful loop.

I only do video chat.  I don't know why I am being charged ANYTHING, much less two payments a month of $2.99 and $3.01.  The account shows no subscription.  Why are you charging me??



Novel Adventurer

I wanted to close my current credit card account so deleted it from SKYPE  I thought it would be easy to put another card on there.  Every time I get to the payment page it gets stuck on add payment details and will not let me add any card. THis way I will no longer be able to continue using SKYPE

I have been round in circles trying to give my new card details but the page seems jammed. Sometimes I get a notice telling me Skype has problems with the site.  I have been trying for two days.

I have only £3 left in credit so I am now scared to use the account.

Please help me Skype.


Why should it be up to someone to decide to answer me?  Surely it is up to the company that get the money?

Super Adventurer

TJZ1 wrote:

I have attempted numerous times to contact you.  I just get stuck in the endless and unhelpful loop.

I only do video chat.  I don't know why I am being charged ANYTHING, much less two payments a month of $2.99 and $3.01.  The account shows no subscription.  Why are you charging me??



if you are having problems in getting in touch with Skype through their usual webform, you can just try to send an email to  Skype only offers email, and live chat for premium/selected users.

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