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Using Skype in China.

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My father is going to be making a trip to China soon and we're trying to figure out if Skype would be a way for him to call back home.


If anyone has any insight into the situation I would appreaciate any tips or advice on what he would need to purchase or do to make that possible.



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I am also traveling to china in two weeks and was wondering the steps required so I can use skype to call back to my family in the US. Could someone please let us know what we need to do?
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before you go to China, purchase either some Skype Credit or Unlimited US/Canada calling subscription


click here and enter the target country (USA in this case) to see your options


better yet, make Skype-to-Skype calls for free

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I've been using skype while in china to call friends back in the usa. The clarity of your call depends on the wifi connection which has varied. I suggest you turn on the "auto-recharge" feature so you don't have to deal with adding credits in china because in china you will be forced to use the china affiliate
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I go to China about 5 times a year for a month each time. I use skype all of the time in China without any problems. Do not install any updates that may be offered in China they can mess up your skype and make it unusable. Skype TOM is the thing to avoid. Just use your UK edition of skype and you will be fine.

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One other thing either put enough skype credit on your account or use auto re-charge it is sometimes difficult to add credit to skype in China unless you have a Chinese bank account.

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My son brought his Verizon android smartphone to China.  It costs our family plan $1.99 per minute for calls to and from his phone while in China.  If we use Skype phone to his phone in China, it will still cost us $1.99 per minute, true?  Will the Skype android app work on his phone from China?


Also, does anyone know best or cheapest mobile phone plan available in China so we can get him a phone to receive US calls using Skype international plan or credits and he not be charged too much for receiving such calls?   THANKS

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The rate is alot cheaper than what your carrier charges for $10 it took about 2.5 months to use it up. If he can download the android app to his phone it wil work, but he may have issues setting his account up in china instead of doing it beforehand in the states
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Hello rencoman,


I was wondering if you could help. I am trying to chat with my wife in china from the U.K via skype. She has a macbook laptop but is having problems downloading skype onto her laptop via google U.K. She says it keeps freezing. She bought her laptop in the U.K. I am assuming the skype service is available between china and the U.K ? Do you know if this service is available to use between the U.K and china. I am not sure who to ask for advice with this problem ? Please help if you can.

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China is a more restrictive and regulated space, meaning the ISP your wife is logging on through probably won't be allowed to use access search results or software downloads from a lot of international Search sites.


To service the Chinese market, there is a special version of Skype which is issued through their officla partner - go to  to download the Skype app from the official site (check the bottom of the webpage for a link to display the site in English). Use that there (and if she needs credit you can login as her and add it to get around banking issues - as mentioned above).


Once your wife is back in Europe recommend that she remove the China issued version and download the standard issue version from


I'm no expert but I hope that helps

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