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Traveling to Europe

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Reliable Tourist

I am traveling  from the USA to Europe :Romania one week and Spain one week. I am having my DROID GLOBAL BY MOTOROLA SMART PHONE with me.I need to receive and return calls on my cell /phone. How can Skype assist me ?I do have a skype account. What do I have to do?

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Former Staff
For example you may try Skype for Android on your phone:

If you have WiFi connection available in Romania and Spain then you can make free Skype to Skype calls back home or if you wish to call landline/mobile numbers then you can use subscriptions/Skype Credit.


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Novel Adventurer

I have a similar question - I'm traveling to France and want to call home in the US to a landline phone - do I need to use the country code for US and what is it?


Casual Adventurer

Yes, you need to dial the country code for US. When using Skype, you need to follow the Internatil format for dialing. So if you want to call US using Skype, then dial +1 then the area code + the phone number.

Casual Tourist

I am traveling to Italy and want to call home to the US and possibly make calls within Italy.  Will the Unlimited Europe subscription work for me?  is it better to do the subscription than just buying skype credit?  if I have the Eurpoe Unlimited plan, how much do I pay to do a skype texting?

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