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Skype calls USA to Germany vs. Germany to USA , landlines and cell phones --- different rules why?

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Novel Adventurer

I have posted this previously under "community" which I think was the wrong forum for this:


When in Germany, I can buy a Skype subscription for one month for 2.99 Euros (3.94$) which allows me to call landlines and cell phones unlimited in the USA for that month.


When in the USA, and I want to call German landlines and cell phones via Skype.

I can purchase a subscription in the USA to call only landlines unlimited in Germany for 6.99 $. This plan ,however, different than the German plan does not contain calling cell phones.

Does anyone know why? I cannot see a reason! Can the Skype personal explain.


If you do want to call, a cell phone number from the USA via Skype in Germany you have to purchase separate plan, or call the cell phone on skype credit. That call costs according to Skype 25 cents per.


I cannot see a reason why Skype makes different rules for calling from the USA to Germany than the other way round, especially since there are no shared calling mobile phones in Germany.

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Novel Adventurer

That's an easy one. In the US cellphones and landlines are treated the same. In Europe cellphones are much more expensive and also the calling party pays the full price (vs. in the US both parties share the cost - the cellphone owner in form of minutes and the caller does not pay the mobile penalty).


That is why you have different rate plans.

Novel Adventurer

It seems to me that the cell phone rates in Germany (and most of the EU) are substantially cheaper for local calls than typical US rates. I usually buy a cheap prepaid cell for use there, and that is what I'd like to use this next trip to also call back to the USA. 


New issue: on the Skype site, when I search for rates to call Germany, I get zero response except for the spinning cursor. Whare can I find the rates? 

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