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RESOLVED - Unlimited World doesn't cover mobiles in every country

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Novel Adventurer

Still no answer from Skype´s support network!


Still not able to make a call although my subscription is active and paid for!


Still Skype is encouragingme to buy more credit if I want to make a call!


Dear Support Nework!  Could you please swich my account from Skype Credit to a Subscription so that I am able to use the service I have paid for!

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Former Staff

Hi there,

Your subscription Unlimited World is active, but it doesn't cover Australia mobile numbers, only landlines.
You can check this from:
Also from your account under subscription settings:

If you wish to call Australia mobiles then you need a different subscription from:



Let me know if you have any further questions about your subscription.



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Novel Adventurer

Thank you Andre!




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