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No gift card email?!?

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Casual Tourist

A few days ago I purchased a skype gift card and selected to have it sent to my friends email address. After the purchase I was sent to the confirmation page which I didn't print as I assumed a confirmation email would be sent.


I never received a confirmation email and my friend never received her gift card. The amount has been charged and withdrawn from my credit card.


Obviously this is a forum so I can post any of my personal information but if a skype representative could get a hold of me somehow to confirm my purchase, I would appreciate it.


Next step will be opening a dispute with my credit card company. So hopefully someone can help me before it comes to this.


Please let me know any information I can provide to confirm the gift card purchase.





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Novel Tourist

Same what happened to me. I bought gift card last night. charged my card. got no confirmation email. I don't know whats happening. I didnt print the receipt as well because I was expecting that the transaction will be sent to my email address. 

Novel Tourist

Same happened to me! What's going on SKYPE... Why haven't they responded. This is SERIOUS. If your CC is debited but they don't give you the code!!! 


Dear Readers,



I have never not received an e-mail confirmation of any purchase!  Please do contact Skype Customer Service straight away to enquire and to report this problem, as we here in the Community do not have access to Skype accountholder records.


Here is a link to the instruction on how to contact Skype Customer Service via their secure portal: Contact Customer Service

As you know you intend to contact Customer Service, skip past Step 2 of the instruction where several articles from the FAQ library will appear for you to review, and proceed to Step 3, Continue Support Request (the "button" appears at the lower right corner of the website page). You may also skip past in Step 4 where you will be referred back here to the Community; no need to do this as the Community is where you started.


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Casual Adventurer

It's the CRAP "3rd party" fulfillment company "Chat & Vision" that Skype is using.


They take your money, THEN tell you it can take "up to 48 hours" to deliver, and then take longer than that (four days the last time I bought one).


Then, if you try to get support from Skype, they tell you "contact Chat & Vision". 


After navigating the NIGHTMARE at C&V's website to finally get a support request in, they auto-reply with a very familiar phrase....


"It will take up to 48 hours for a reply". 


A week later, I have yet to recieve a support request reply from them.


And Skype won't take responsibility for this. It's really unacceptable.


Class action waiting to happen? I'm thinking maybe yes....

Routine Adventurer

I suggest that everyone in the States (& wherever else possible) stop buying Skype gift cards online. Instead, go to Staples, where they sell gift cards you can HAND TO SOMEONE, just like "real" gift cards.


They come in $10 & $25 denominations @ my local Staples store. (Was a BOOGER to find a brick & mortar location for these cards, but I was persistent...)



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