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Is the Isle Of Man included in any subscription options e.g. Unlimited Europe ?

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Can anyone help, if thee is a way I can save money by calls Isle of Man landline  numbers via Skype ?



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It should be covered by UK subscription and because of this also Unlimited Europe should cover it.


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But the isle of Man is neither part of the UK nor Europe.
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Jonnyk5614 wrote:
But the isle of Man is neither part of the UK nor Europe.

It is part of the UK for telecom purposes.

The IOM dialing code is a UK code


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By this same reasoning, Canada is part of the United States.  But that is clearly not the case.  Neither should the Isle of Man be automatically assumed to be part of the UK or the EU.

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I really want to know also. The question is to Skype. Do you include Isle of Man in the UK? Please answer Skype.

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Just to confirm, it is - I've just spoken to my parents on the Isle of Man using the Unlimited UK & Ireland Subscription.

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