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I would like the 7 day free trial of the group video option.

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Please give me the link to exercise the 7 day free trial group video call option.  I have tried for well over 2 hours to find the link within the Skype body.  It gives directions and they simply send me to pay for the trial.


 I'm trying to use this at the Senior Center for those that are in hospice care and would like to communicate from home.  If I like it; I'll probably acquire it for the Center. Thank you.  Margaret

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if you add another person while skyping, automatically
the window pop up & ask you if you want 7 days trial.
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Thank you.  Mine does not give that option.  It asks if I want a group call; then, it sends me to buy the Premium package.  That was 5.1 and 5.5 beta.  I just downloaded 5.3 and will try again this afternoon when I gather 3 persons to make a group call.



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I have now tried 5.1; 5.3; 5.5 beta and none of them offer the 7 day free trial. I have a town meeting at the Senior Center Saturday where we are going to SKYPE a live wedding from Birmingham, AL to Sumas, WA . SKYPE will do a 2-way. I wanted to display a 3-way to one of the Grandparents that cannot attend due to hospice care.
I'm starting to get frustrated. If they don't give a 7-day group video trial then it should be struck from the advertising.

Thank you, Margaret
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I agree.  Skype may be bordering on false advertising with this one.  It says "free 7-day trial" but the only part that's "free" is the new option to create a group.  But once the group is created, the video call button doesn't work (except to direct you to the "buy premium" message).


I need clarification from skype on why I would elect to try the "free 7-day trial" if I already have the premium package and that was the only way to try the "free 7-day trial"??  Makes no sense.  It's circular reasoning...and false advertising.


Skype, please advise.  Thank you.

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I could not agree more.  I was at hospice just today with my wife's family and wanted to see if this would work, and I, too, spent hours trying to find a way to make this work, but nowhere was it possible to actually initiate a trial.


Skype should know better.  All it takes is for ONE of their employees to read these posts, take the same steps that are explained here, to find that they are not offering a trial at ALL.  This is very disappointing.

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Same here. Can't find the way to start the "trial" period. I already lost almost an hour trying to find the way to do it. First time that Skype gives me such a headache. Will by the daily pas, I guess. And then I'll probably move to ooVoo or some other service.

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i would like the seven day trial because i have lots of friends and i will love to talk to all of them togethery):


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i need it fast so plis replay as fast as u can



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  1. hi i would like the group video option
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