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How can I change a private account to a business account so that be added to my companies account?

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I have the problem that I set up my account which was supposed to be my business account (which you normally set up with Skype Manager™) as a personal there any way/chance that I can change that?


Many thanks in advance.


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It is not yet possible to convert personal account to business account. We are constantly working on adding new features though. Kindly stay tuned for updates.

I would suggest that you create a new account under your Skype Manager account. However, any features or products in your personal account cannot be transferred to other accounts.

For further information about Skype Manager, you can refer to this link:

Hope this helps.


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Hello Joan,


So is Skype working on that issue? Or is it already possible to make a private account to a business account or to transfer it? What will happen with the credit on the private account?

Thank you


Hi, Rainerbrandl, and welcome to the Community,


Please see this:


Credit is not transferable from one account to another; you would request a refund from the account where it would no longer be needed.




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"... not yet possible ..." - when?

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