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Hi! I just wanna refund!

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Novel Tourist

This new system to get refund is ovecomplicated! pls let me select the recent unexpected payment and get refund! You guys are wasting my time!

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Former Ambassador

This is a user-to-user forum.  Us guys (other users) aren't wasting your time at all.  You'll have to deal with Customer Service.  You can waste their time while they're wasting yours:

Please note: I do not respond to requests for help via Private Message.
Novel Tourist

I want a refund too.  How do I do it?

I was just charged 8.52 to top up  my account; an account I have not used since February.  Granted I did have it on auto charge but when I cancelled it there was no place taking me to the refund section.  In the 'lingo' it says one can get a refund for an auto charge.

Does anyone know how to do it?  I cannot find where to go! I am super frustrated and ready to dump the entire application.



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