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HELP! No support at ALL!

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Novel Adventurer

I submitted a support ticket 3 days ago, and have heard NOTHING.  I have a paid unlimited subscription, and have not been able to make outbound calls to land lines or mobile lines within the US.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Who can help?  I love Skype, but this is NUTS! 

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Former Staff

It shouldn't take 3 days to get an answer. If you can send me a private message in this forum with your email address you used in the support ticket then I can check why it hasn't been answered.

Regarding your question, currently your account doesn't have a calling subscription therefore you can't make outgoing calls.

Your last successful order was for Online Number, you can check product name from:

Online Number enables you to receive calls, not make them:

If you wish to make outgoing calls then you can purchase a calling subscription from:


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