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First...YES my name IS ANGRYBCH.COM ...NO it is not a website. I am a disgruntled customer, hence the name. I have just made 2 attempts to use skype's email support... I type the things I want to complain about and push send and guess what!?!? It frigin sends me to sign in again TWICE!!! So imma vent here then..... I purchased, then was later charged for TWO SUBSCRIPTIONS TWICE that's TWO separate days! Tried to cancel with no avail..charged overdraft fees. And would also like to divulge my complete and utter disgust for a company that cates soo much for its customers that they wont publish a telephone number or email address for us when there is an issue. The skype support does not work well as I have tried that several times today alone and it sends me back to sign in again like I never typed *expletive* irritating!!!
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All I want to do is pay a monthly charge but every time I go to the payment page it comes up in Chinese. No one to offer help, no chat available, no email route. I GIVE UP........our company is changing over to VooVoo



Please, do not "hijack" other people's topics. Enquiry transferred to Skype for Computer: Windows message board.

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Same here. Skype is so irresponsbile. Intentionally hiding customer service number. Force me to pay in Chinese which has a higher rate. 


Dear Readers,


Skype does not host a customer call-center facility.  Here is a link to the instruction on how to contact Skype Customer Service via their secure portal: Contact Customer Service

Here are a few extra notes to guide you along the way ...
You will need to proceed through each step, one at a time. Sign on to the Skype website as requested. Choose the subject and topic which most closely matches the item you need assistance with. Then, continue past Step 2 of the instruction where several articles from the FAQ library will appear for you to review, and proceed to Step 3, Continue Support Request (the blue "button" appears at the lower right corner of the website page). You may also skip through Step 4 where you will be referred back here to the Community; no need to do this as the Community is where you started. When you complete the web-form and click Submit, your information is relayed to Skype and you will receive a reply via e-mail unless you are transferred to start an instant message chat session with a Customer Service agent.


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Skype do have a very helpful live Chat support, usually can get through if you go through Google, after signing into to Skype, highlight "Support request page" your sign in page should come up, make sure you are signed in and enter.   You will then get the "Select Issue" page, select a topic and related problem, then you can choose between Skype Community and Text Chat Support.


I have found that the Chat support are extemely helpful and don't usually keep you waiting for too long!


I use Skype in Canada - hope they have this service wherever you are!

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The best way to solve difficult problems with SKype is to get to a chat with their customer service. there is no telephone number, but the chat is better. IF YOU CAN OPEN IT!
i have tried to open a chat about 3,000 times without success (and that really made angry), but ultimately the reason why i couldn't chat is that the chat window is a pop-up window, and if you have a pop-up blocker in your internet preferences... it won't pop up!

after that chatting was very easy and in a few minutes the issue got resolved.



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Getting support from Skype is a nightmare.

This is my second time to enter my problem.  Will someone get back with a solution, please?  I tried to make a skype to skype call but the system indicated I needed to buy credits first.  So I tried to make a payment with my credit card.  It says: "Please select your payment method" then the "Pay by card" was highlighted.  That's what I wanted and I could see my card's logo amongst the cards accepted.  So I entered the card details to submit.  Got the error message that I must go back to "Please select" which only allows one off bank transfers, Playspan, or Poli.  None of those options is my credit card.  So I'm barred from using Skype at all.

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