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Credits missing! Balance shows $0

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I should have over $13 in canadian funds credit in my account....but it shows zero

I purchased the credit in early Feb 2012 but had to install the skype apllication on my new Windows 7 PC  and now I have no credit showing up, please advise as what is going on?

please email me at *edited for privacy*

Thank you

SKYPE ID: Kourosh.Madjzoob

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My user name = kmadjzoob.madjzoob

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3 weeks ago I asked about my missing $14 credit....have received no answere, please advise as what happend to my money?

please email me

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My account had £20+ pounds in and the balance is now Zero - where has it gone


Peter Edward Tucker

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my Community name is d.d

I purchased skype credit and $10 was withdrawn from my bank account on January 21, 2014 it has been 9 days and purchase hystory says I have not purchased credit yet. where is my skype credit and why has it not been credited to my account?? I want either my credit or my money refunded. what is going on??

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Hi "d.d"

Your Skype Credit is not missing. You have two Skype usernames and trying to call from incorrect one.

If you have forgotten your Skype ID please have a look at this FAQ:

Good luck

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Thank You!

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today 16-04-2015 paid 20 pounds to my account but was not credited
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I just bought 20pounds of credit can t see it on my account
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