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Credit Card expired - Subscription cancelled

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Ok several issues, here.


1. Signed into Skype - message said, "subscription cancelled", however did not direct me to renew subscription.  Skype cancelled it, I didn't.

2.  Got to another screen which said I had 7 days left on my subscription.   (???)

3.  Finally found my credit card information, which said, "Expired".  OK fine, but no place that said, update here, just expired, and no link anywhere.

4.  Cancelled old expired number, and it added $14.  Subscription was $8 and change.

5.  Back to my account page, it looks like I have two subscriptions, yet at the top of the page it says "subscription cancelled".


Hey, look Skype.  You've been in business for several years now.  This almost feels like a government site.  This isn't the Post Office is it?  Why don' you make it EASY for us to give you money rather than obfuscating the whole issue so that we end up with two subsriptions, blind alleys, and a corn maze?


Answer please.

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I have a similar problem.  


Just tried to add money to my Skype account with Paypal.  My old Paypal account is cancelled.  I tried to change the Paypal account used for billing but I could not find any method to do that so I just let the system try to bill the old account.  Payment on the Skype credit failed.  


A second attempt to buy Skype credit with Paypal was redirected to the Paypal site where my new Paypal account appeared as the default account.  This attempt was successful in purchasing Skype credit but now my subscription is cancelled and there is no method to continue the same subscription using the new payment method.  A button appears to renew the subscription but clicking on it leads to nothing.  


New subscriptions are more expensive that my old one.  I just want to continue with what I have using my new Paypal account.  Is this so difficult?

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I can name over a dozen friends and family members who have lost their balances in Skype - mine is almost $13 and my hubby lost about $8. Skype is cleaning up on unsuspecting people. I've had an account for many years and this is the first time this has happened to me. This is a very poor business practice and I will seek other ways to communicate with my family and friends around the world. Let's see what Google can do for me.

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I have the same problem.  Am trying to renew, but it doesn't even have my old info, so am afraid if I renew I won't get my old rate becasue it doesn't give my old info.  Also in the past when I sent a message via email, someone responded right away with prompt assistance.  This isn't happening as before.  Is there a number to call someone directly on Skype?

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Horrific blind alley nightmare just to simply update your expired credit card to use the new one. 

(offensive text removed).



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I'm having the same thing happen to me.

Why can't the credit card expiry date be changed on the accounts page?

I don't need to pay anything until next summer, so why do I get cancellation notices?

It's also not possible to delete old cards. So can Skype please provide a functioning acounts page!


Edit: I went to my number subscription and there was a "Settings" button and on the next page one can "Change payment method". Re-entered my current VISA number and NEW expiry date etc., verified it and then, when I thought the $1.00 test payment went through, it loads the account page with a red ! and the message: An internal error occurred.

So do I ignore it or keep worrying that I might loose my subscription?






Novel Tourist

Same problem--credit card expiration date changed and Skype will not accept the updated card info. Have tried several times on different days with different browsers. Skype says it will send me to the "verified by..." site, but after I press the button to proceed, it wheels for a bit and then simply returns me to Skype. I thought perhaps this was a "success", but I continue to get emails from Skype threatening to cancel my subscription. It turns out, that Skype has canceled EVERY SINGLE attemp I have made to pay them. I have had Skype since 2008 but this is the FIRST time I have attempted to negotiate $$ under Microsoft management. I have never before seen such an awful morass of unnavigable help forums, inaccessible customer support, or the simple inability to *accept payment* for services. I would expect this from a government office such as Social Security, but this is absurd from a company that is, I presume, supposedly in the business of accepting money from customers.

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Thank you for your response. 

Novel Adventurer

Why doesnt skype answer this thread??? Too many people with the same problem cant get their accounts reactivated because there's no simple updating option to do it.


I have been using skype now for over a decade, and have had a registered number with it for just as long. Thank you microsucks for ruinning a perfectly good application that millions of people were very happy to use all over the world.


If you cant make the CC update option as simple as "click" update CC numbers and thats it, go ahead and cancel it if you like. I already have far better FREE results from Google.


Enjoy your evening.



Novel Adventurer

I agree, Google is pretty cool. Sad, tho, as we have family and friends in several different countries and we have all used Skype -- but not anymore. Skype took our $$ and ran!


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