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Change country while using Skype Premium

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Once I purchased Skype Premium (by month or whole year) and chose a country of unlimited calls (say Australia), can I change this country to another one (say New Zealand) from time to time:

- during the month in monthly package ?

- from month to month in annual package ?



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Unfortunately it's not possible to change it once you make the purchase

But you made a valid point and this is something for Skype to consider in the future. Thanks!


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Initial Question/Comment: Using Skype (create a new user, change my profile, manage my contacts)
00:09:24 System
Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!
00:09:24 System
Carla I. has joined this session!
00:09:24 System
Connected with Carla I.
00:09:24 System
Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!
00:09:29 Carla I.
Hello! Welcome to Skype Live Support. My name is Carla I. How may I help you?
I called a while ago on my android but not having much luck
am on laptop now so should be better
Until tonight had an unlimited subscription to France
Then cancelled to take advantage of skype premium
I accidentally clicked Spain instead of france
I see that many people on your forum have same problem
I want to change to Skype premium with France
00:11:44 Carla I.
I understand that you have accidentally pick the calling subscription to Spain, instead to France. Am I right?
yes that is exactly correct
but have now cancelled skype premium
00:12:12 Carla I.
I'll be more than happy to assist you with this.
00:12:28 Carla I.
Before we proceed, can you provide your Skype Name and your first name, please?
do you need be to reactivate subscription to premium to enable you to do this
i really need premium just need to change country
00:13:34 Carla I.
Thank you, ***.
00:14:44 Carla I.
Once the Premium subscription has been delivered, it is not possible to change the calling subscription attache on it.
00:15:38 Carla I.
That's the policy we have to follow.
so given that if i cant change it i will leave skype and use google voice or hangouts and take my entire family throughout europe with me don't you think this is a stupid system when I really like skype, i just ordered it and am a loyal customer
and i want to stay with skype, i bought all skype phones we've all got them, but now i cant use them
it is really stupid
00:18:19 Carla I.
Since it has already happenned, we are unable to change your calling subscription.
so what options do i have
i cant tell you how frustrating this is
00:19:54 Carla I.
What we can suggest you is to cancel that subscription, then when it expire, you can purchase it again, make sure to pick your preferred calling subcription.
00:20:04 Carla I.
I apologize.
so basically you cant help me at all
apologies aren't good enough!
you are a big company SORT THIS OUT
you are losing customers daily because of this
00:20:54 Carla I.
That's the option that we can suggest to you.
i'm going to publish these two conversations online
so people know what skype is doing
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And did Skype consider this? I had hoped it would be possible by now!

I have a premium I do not use but can not move it to another country,it obvious from the popularity of the various posts on this topic a lot of people struggle with this.


Would appreciate a clear statement from Skype, and lso explain at subscription that the chosen country can not be changed afterwards!


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