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Cancelling a subscription

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How do i cancell my subscription, i didn't order it and would like a refund.
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Please help to cancel my subscription, I didn't order it and would like a refund please, Dorothy
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When my subscription expires in 2 months I dont want to renew it , so pls dont charg my credit card thank you.Harri

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Staff Moderator

harritsiro wrote:

When my subscription expires in 2 months I dont want to renew it , so pls dont charg my credit card thank you.Harri

You must cancel your Plan by filing with Customer Support.

As cancellations are effective from the next renewal date I suggest that you cancel it now. By doing so you will be able to use your APlan until it expires in 2 months time and it will not renew.


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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I have been trying to cancel this subscription and wanting to find out how all this website does is bounce you from page to page and when you do what it says it says it is having trouble I am sick of it I do not like skype you are not nice and you do not make it easy to cancel a payment since this is the fact. I am tired of trying I will go to my bank to get my money back and cancel my card then you cant get anymore money I had two accounts with you and I did not get to cancel either I had to take drastic measures after you kept taking money from me. I emailed you and you emailed me back telling me that you would keep on taking money from me but would not tell me how to stop my accounts subscriptions so you just took more money now I will get my eight dollers back

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yes this is good I have had the same problem with skype I am so tired of them

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I would like to cancell my paid subscription and keep the free portion of my subscription
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Casual Tourist
i would like to cancel mysubscrition...i am only using sckpe in the US
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I received the same e-mail. I did not order a subscription and have had 2 charges on my account. A) I want to cancel my account immediately and B) I want a refund of the 2 charges you have made on my account in less than a week. Thank-you

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I am having the same problem as Vanessa. It is a rather circuitous process to cancel one's subscription. Very complicated. Please illuminate
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