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Can't download printable invoice

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Novel Adventurer

This does not make any sense as in the UK we have been able to download invoices quite happily until this month - so why does it need a developer??  I think my only course of action is to cancel the subscription.  Perhaps I should ask for a refund on last month's as they are unable to provide an invoice for my transaction?  I haven't used the facility for a while anyway.



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Novel Tourist

Temporarily - how long does this mean?? I remember the time when you could click from the e-mail straight to the post in your account with the downloadable invoice. Then you suddenly had to log in and now you cannot even get an invoice.

Please make it come back. We are clearly many who need it for our accounts.

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Casual Adventurer

And they clearly have us deep inside their a***s. Professional support.


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I have complained to the UK European Consumer Centre. You All will find contact details online. They will deal with this according to their site. So, i am cancelling credit Card Debits from skype and using only the free skype for now until resolved.
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Is there any possibility to get any downloadable PDF for billing? It is very important for company reasons.

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Sent Skype support a message stating I wasn't happy, response below:



Thank you for your reply!

We really apologize for this and we are aware of this issue and we are currently fixing it. We will get back to you soon once this is already fix.


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They do not give One. Please read posts above.
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You obviously haven't read the whole thread else you would know this is part of an on-going dialogue between myself and Skype.

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How do I download the PDF of the invoice if I am not in the United States and Switzerland?

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Staff Moderator

marcustanyiwei wrote:

How do I download the PDF of the invoice if I am not in the United States and Switzerland?

Unfortunately you can't at the moment. Skype is aware of the issue. Apologies for the inconvenience.


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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