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A simple service menu and price list -- is that so hard?

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Microsoft aka Skype would have far fewer consumer-relations problems if they would simply consolidate services and prices in an easy to use table. Where there are more complex relationships, enable user play within the framework of the service menu/price list.  The hiding of information and its seemingly intentional concealment in and among the various pages makes this information difficult to use and breeds serious distrust among users of Microsoft's motives.  The company's legacy, after all, is one that challenged consumer confidence.   Now's a good time to start rebuiliding.

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By scattering, complexifying, and even hiding prices in some cases until after several steps have been taken, Skype makes it difficult, almost impossible to sensibly plan and order one's service.  It used to be simple:  prices were listed on one page and if there were secondary factors, one was directed to them but given an easy way back.  Now prices are a mess.  In part, it's because Skype is making things more complex, in part because it is displaying information in inconsistent forms and then scattering it.  I just cancelled my Unlimited World subscription because it doesn't cover mobiles or texting in the Nordic countries, where individuals almost only use mobiles and texting.  This is not immediately clear unless one reads a second and third page, and further clicks a button to bring up another screen.  Of course, this eliminates my 50% discount on my Skype Number, another factor not immediately clear until I cancel. (I don't mind, it's already becoming less expensive to get a local mobile than pay all the charges I currently pay to Skype, some unbeknownst to me until I took the action of studying my bill more carefully.  Thanks Skype for making me a more careful consumer of calling services. 

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I totally agree with you that being transparent about pricing and rates is the way to go. I think we are doing a good job there already as we offer all product offers and prices per destination in one page already, e.g. if you want to compare rates per minutes to Germany simply enter "Germany" on the rates search here: (The same page you can access via the navigation menu on top of each page via "prices -> rates")

Can you please explain what kind of information you feel we are currently hiding?

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As he said, we would like a menu of all the different subscriptions and features with teir prices in one table where we can compare.  I'm still trying to figure out what features I get with Skype Premium versus the free version or separate add-ons?

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I only need calling within the US and am trying to figure out the cheapest option.  On one page it lists a cost starting at $3.27 for 3 months.  I click on the button below that and it brings me to a page where that price is not even listed.  So where is that $3.27 plan????  Bait and switch?   The offer shown on the page for what I want (US only) is the 2.3cents per minute and the $2.99 per month.  Also, I can not seem to find a way to directly contact customer service to ask anything.  All your site directs me to is FAQs, forums, etc. no matter what I select......everything but actual direct communication between the consumer and the company.  This and the inconsistant pricing on between pages make me very suspicious of this company.  It's nice to have those pages (FAQs and community) for help but not every issue can be solved that way.  And I do not have the patience or time to waste searching for a similar issue or being redirected to everything but an acceptable customer service option.  This company needs some improvements....and SOON.

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I agree that just a simple customer service request is impossible with this company. Their support issue is a joke and is non existent regarding billing questions and methods. They expect a paying customer to wade thru hundreds of **bleep**S hoping to spot a similiar problem which always turns out to be like herding cats. In the end, the Skype customer service facade provides nothing of value.

My problem is simple. I buy time as needed in $10.00 chunks. I am on auto-renew. I do not use skype often and generally my $10.00 units would be used up at a reasonable rate. But for the last 6 months or so, my $10.00 chunks have been reduced about twice as fast and I don't understand why.(no changes in calling patterns, call same places and numbers) This is my question for the elusive Skype customer service. Why! What I think it may be is that I added a call recorder within that time period and they are charging me for the recording (voice only). If that's the case, Skype did not mention that they would charge me if I recorded any call using third party software nor do they indicate that my recorder is being charged at all. If only they had a customer service team. 

Has anyone else experienced my problem??

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To contact Skype Customer Service:

1. Go to

2. Scroll down to see Get more help, then click that.

3. Sign in when prompted to.

4. Choose a help topic and a related problem, then click Next.

5. Choose from the provided options (i.e. Skype Community, Email support, and Text chat support).



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