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60 minutes to Russia - landlines subscription cities

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Novel Adventurer

Hello. I'm considering purchasing 60 minutes subscription to Russian landlines and have the following questions:

1. Is it possible to purchase such a subscription for just one month (not 3 and not 12)?

2. What cities does this supscription apply for? Is it Moscow and SPB only or any other Russian city landlines? I live in Kaluga (+74842), will it allow me to call to my home landlines?

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Former Staff
Currently Russia 60 minutes subscription can be purchased for 3 or 12 months.
It will include all cities, only Unlimited subscription to Russia has limited cities (Moscow, St Petersburg)


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Novel Tourist

I am trying to use my skype credit to call a mobile phone in russia. the number is 9028950177. of course it has the 7 in front for the country code and is dialed the right way. it says connecting the whole time the goes to busy number. but i know its not busy and its the right number. Do you know why it won't work????

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