Panasonic Blueray --- SKYPE not working properly

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Panasonic Blueray --- SKYPE not working properly

I have tried to use Skype in Blue-ray player (DMP-BDT210) but it keeps saying I have too many contacts to use Skype.

I purchased this unit basically for Skype. How many contacts can I have to be able to use it?

I mean, what is the point to have a Skype-activated gadget if I can not use it with my contacts??!! This was a nasty surprise to be honest, not what I was expecting!!!


By the way, I deleted most of my contacts from Skype and STILL I can't use it...! That means I need to have no contacts in Skype -- to call who then???!!!? Why I would need this unit if I have no contacts to call, What for?!!!!!



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Re: Panasonic Blueray --- SKYPE not working properly



I bought a BDT 330 - I chose that model over other makes mainly because it claimed it had Skype.


Skype did not work, so I contacted Panasonic customer support.


They insisted - over several emails that they DID have Skype on this model, and that I must be doing something wrong.


So I took the 330 back to Curry's who contacted Panasonic dealer support. Curry were told that Panasonic had REMOVED  Skype, owing to technical problems. So I contacted Panasonic Customer support (who had been telling untruths to me) who then said that Skype would be put back in the next firmware update. OK, so I waited for the next firmare update as they suggested. So, I updated the firmware and - guess what - STILL NO SKYPE.  Panasonic had fed me a further "statement that did not correspond with reality".


I have now lodged a formal complaint with Panasonic.


btw - I have all the emails to support the above statements.


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