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Skype on Video Kinect on XBOX 360?

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We use messenger and Xbox Kinect camera for video calls. Since Messenger was discontinued or whatever, is it possible to use Skype on Video Kinect? 

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We need skype for XBox 360


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Waiting for a response...

This could be a major feature for the xbox, please announce something!

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Can I use my existing cam and microphone with the new Skype if it cones to Xbox 360?
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I am deeply disappointed to know that I can't use Skype on my new XBOX 360.

Tough it is not directly skype's problem, there must be a solution and MS and skype should do something together.



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Yes, please! C'mon.

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Community Manager

Xbox One will feature a Skype app this November. More information here:


A Skype application for the Xbox 360 has not been announced yet.

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Muss ich skype aus dem internet auf die Xbox 360 herunterladem 

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What the owners of xbox360 should.....scrap it and buy xbox1?
MS has to do business by providing comfort to its customers not by providing inconvenience..
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I really hope we do get a Skype for XBox 360 app. We bought ours right before the XBox One was announced and I don't want to feel like our new machine is already obsolete!

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