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Skype on Video Kinect on XBOX 360?

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I was only allowed 50 pounds each time, but my birthday is in December, so my mum bought me an Xbox 360 for 150 pounds. 

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With his very limited understanding of the world of computing, my 11 year old son stated: "the Xbox 360 is only a gaming console; why do you want to have Skype on it?"  My answer to him included: (1) because Microsoft markets the device as much more than a gaming console, (2) because it would be smart for Microsoft to keep you using their platform rather than make you go pick up another device (for instance, one of the many Apple devices we have in our household), (3) because if Microsoft still cares to sell Xbox 360, they should still care to support its userbase, and a dozen other points.  


I have not bought or used ANYTHING Microsoft in more than 15 years. I only use Skype because Microsoft bought it, but I loathe everything Windows and despise Microsoft's lack of commitment to providing a solid user experience. The only reason we just bought an Xbox 360 is because my kids wanted the gaming platform that offers the titles they want and because I didn't want to shell out more $ for a Microsoft product than what I strictly needed.


In 3 days of use of this Xbox 360, Microsoft has already missed the opportunity to change my perception of their brand thanks to the Skype app debacle.

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Why is Skype not available on XBox 360?  I'll tell you why, it's a Marketing Gimmick for the XBox One.  Shortly after the announcement that M$ acquired Skype, they promised Skype for the Xbox.  They didn't say "just XBox One, or next-gen".  Heck, even my cellphone has Skype capability.  All you will do by holding back Skype from xbox 360 is piss-off potential XBox One customers.  I refuse to buy another Xbox console unitl Skype is available for XBox 360 (and I own 5 360 consoles).  I won't let Microsoft Marketing get in my way of choice, there are OTHER options that don't include YOU!



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Alright, so I had to sign in to skype to post here, or else risk giving skype everything I post on facebook ever. Nice way to make me feel warm just before I was about to post a rant.


Anyway, truly hate that XBox 360 has no skype, but has no well-advertised Video conferencing app. My Kinect camera is a well-designed block now. Thanks.


I had a few people over yesterday, and just assumed that I could help them skype over my TV+Kinect. But no.


Now I realize that my feedback means nothing, because at the end of the day, so long as the other person I have to communicate with, has Skype, I'm not going to be a jerk and have him buy whole new devices or go through crazy installations due to my personal pain. So Skype hasn't lost me as a customer - just annoyed the crap out of me.


Keep this post in mind when you sit within Microsoft and wonder with childlike innocence... "We make such a great Windows Phone, and Windows 8 and XBox and IE is so great now. I wonder why people won't even give it a chance!" You really think I'm going to "just give you a chance!" when I have a choice to get away from Skype? Really? I want to risk paying you lots of money to be embarrassed in front of my friends? Think again.

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I am an avid Microsoft supporter and consumer of it's products/services.  The stance to not support Skype on XBox 360 is the wrong choice for Microsoft.  I'll spare everyone the details of how this affects me personally because the truth is, there are 80+ million customers (as of 10/2013) that are being frustrated. 


Hopefully, the biz owners in the Skype/XBox product group read these forums and listen to the words of their new CEO.  In his letter to employees ( he urged them to "...prioritize innovation that is centered on our core value of empowering users and organizations to “do more.” We have picked a set of high-value activities as part of our One Microsoft strategy." 


The One Strategy ( decsribes the goal to make money but also says, "All parts of the company will contribute to activating high-value experiences for our customers."  So, regarding Skype and XBox 360, Microsoft is failing in meeting this company strategy and failing to pursue leadership objectives. 


Now, any complaint without a counter solution, is simply a complaint.  I propose that Premium Skype users have the ability to download Skype for XBox 360, since the entire MS experience is now unique user based.  This provides MS the ability to still make money while providing a solution for a portion of that 80+ million that are crossover users.  Either that, or go ad-based at least.  If ad-based, that ad space could seemingly be filled with MS products/services. 


Skype and XBox team, please don't waste an opportunity to reach such a large/young user base.


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I was told that the Skype app is available if ones purchases the Live Gold for a year. Can anyone confirm if this is true. And this came from the store guy.

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I have gold. There is no Skype app.
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Thanks for the confirmation.

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I am sorry with MS.


The thing is MS puts too much effort trying to sell One. They thought rich people would just get One anyway and poor people that need 360 for skype will not buy One until years later. They never prioritize 360 apps any more just because they have One now. MS may be correct in terms of making money.  Oh I am not mentioning the possibility MS 'forgot' to develop 360 Skype just to push you to buy One.


But people are losing interest with MS because of the bad support. People may not choose One over other alternatives. Although they put millions for ads, sometimes it is the user habit behind the purchase. And the trend is dangerous. People never get support for what they already have. This is intriscically wrong!  People are simply abandomed. And it represents MS attitude towards their customers, and future costomers, the One buyers.  They never realize how important people need to feel the sincerity of MS by honoring existing users. 


So the rest of the story: people just get away with MS. 

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I am really really sick of Microsoft. Why do we have to pay to use our consoles, which we already OWN. Now with this skype cheap move, this is it. I am kind of vindictive, so I will never buy microsoft product, and I will make sure that everyone I know or anyone I come across won't as well. (I'm a computer science guy and I'm often asked advice regarding tech, computers, and electronics in general).


Now, if every pissed off lady or gentleman tries to influence her or his entourage, we may see some results.



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