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Skype on PlayStation 4

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Skype's vice-president Mark Gillett has said he wants to bring Skype to the PlayStation 4.

“We’ve worked with Sony for a long time. Skype ships today on the PlayStation Portable amongst other cross-platform devices that we deliver to, and for the last few years we’ve also been shipping versions of Skype that run on Sony TVs. ”We’re obviously not party to their pre-release [PlayStation] hardware road map [but] we’re committed to cross-platform.”

I'm really pleased about this news but didn't think it was possible because Skype is a Microsoft company, but then they have made Skype available on Android and iPhone so it makes sense that Skype is an open platform. I really hope this works out as someone who intends to get the PS4 I'd love this because I could talk to my mom who lives far away.


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A backport to the PS3 would expand the Skype family in a meaningful way. At least talk about that possibility so that Sony takes notice and paves the way for an easier PS4 debut as a means of sweetening the pot for current PS3 owners to move to the new version. Right now the value proposition is nominal given the $500+ price tag.

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that would be great! 1 thing more i wil keep paying for my skype international 

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if ps4 had skype i would be so happy because i am always video chatting in groups with my friends 

on pc and it would be great on ps4 becasue i pefer console gaming

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Skype on PS4 any day now would be great...
Hopefully an update soon on that.

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I am also waiting for Skype on PS4. Any news on release date?

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i have a samsung tv with skype app and no samsung camera! I have a ps4 with ps4 camera and no skype app! I am stuck with my laptop to call my friends and parents. It would be a very good addition  if we have skype. More options are always good. I am sure Microsoft will have a lot of benefit from it as well.

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hi, skype could you please bring skype on the ps4 it would be awsome also the vita has it but not the ps4 please bring it so i can call people on my console, thanks.

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Skype on the ps4
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