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Skype for XBOX 360

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I am wondering why Skype is still not available for XBOX 360 with Kinect??? It makes no sense! Please make Skype available for download in the XBOX 360 app store!!!

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Agreed. It makes no sense at all to limit Skype functionality to XB1.

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Cannot agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why our xbox360 users have been ignored? Is this how MS doing business?????

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Recently bought an Xbox 360 and one of the main reasons in me doing so was because of SKYPE! I am very disappointed about this. It's like Microsoft is just ignoring everything about the 360.😔
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Are there any Skype moderators on these forums??


Still dont have an answer on whether or not Skype will be available on Xbox360 and Kinect? Feel like we have all the hardware but still cant run skype.



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The reason Skype will not work on xbox360 is firstly there is not connecting lead because it was designed for xbox 1 only and the other is that Microsoft do not want to lose money on xbox360. If Skype was available on xbox360 there would be no need for an updated xbox! There would in fact be no need for an xbox one, would there?

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Fiddler are you saying the only difference between Xbox360 and Xbox1 is Skype? Please check your facts. There are many other enhancements in Xbox1. This thread is focussing on providing he software support to Xbox360 for Skype and is not dependent on a 'lead'. It was that easy the chinese would have multiple options by now..

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Amos, No I am not. What I have found is that xbox360 is just as good as xbox one. On xbox 360 I can do just as much as the new box with the exception of Skype. I like many others have gone out and bought a new xbox one when I still have games I have not played on the old box. I took all my old games to back to the store and then regretted doing so because I missed games like Fallout, Borderlands, Halo etc. These games may well be repeated in the future but some plan to make the new xbox capable of playing those games should have been made. Here I am now waiting for a decent game to appear on the new box. I have played Battlefield four on the old machine so why get it for the new? If Skype was available on this new machine then there would have been little incentive to buy an updated machine. So if kinect( which I do not have for my old one) is available for xbox360 then why not Skype? May I also add the Microsoft spend lots of money on the new box and then gave us a headset that is neither use nor ornament. That rendered my Turtlebeach X31 useless and no facility was made available to accommodate it! So tell me the good points Amos and dont mention Hal the inbuilt voice receptor. I have one that pleases itself as to whether it will respond or not, mostly not.



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skype para xbox 360....................................

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I want SKYPE on my XBOX360 NOW!

What a f...! It must be possible to use Skype on my X360 with Kinect... Come on!

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