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Skype for OS Bada 2.0 (phone Samsung Wave 3)

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How to get Skype for OS Bada 2.0 (phone Samsung Wave 3). Will it be? When?

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yes. I'm a samsung wave 3 user too. I wish skype will run in our devices as soon as possible. good works.

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Another Samsung Wave 3 owner. I need Skype badly! 

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hi everybody, i bought this mobile yesterday and i was surprised that it does not support skype. Could you please add it. I am on the point to go back to the seller and change the phone. thank you

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Casual Tourist

why u not relies skype for wave 3 . whats problem man . every samsung waev 3 user wait for skype . pls

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I have S8500 Upgraded on Bada 2.0 and i wish Skype voip function on my devic. I have Skype already but its simple Jar application and does not support voip function, but i Need it on my S8500

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Pretty easy. 

Samsung and Google agreed. 

Bada must not compete with Android. 

Bada phone is cheap and without a VoIP


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is there any available skype for samsung wave M???

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my first mistake i buy this phone wave3 bada skype not support this phoneany new cusstomer dont buy this phone

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please can anybody help me to get skype on my wave 3 .
i am dying to have it ..this is very important to me . i can't do anything without skype. pleaze do something for the skype
i am begging you.
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