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Skype for Blackberry 10 feedback

Novel Adventurer

I tried a few times to restart the phone and nothing, I still get the same error but will try the restore option.

Casual Tourist

I have a question re the Q5. I cannot fnd a place whereby I can delete the message history.


Is there anyway to permantly delete the message history for Skype on the Q5? Not sure if this is a duplicate thread or not, I haven't found anything else about this for the phone.


Thanks in advance

Novel Tourist

Hi, I redeemed the voucher I got for Blackberry Z10 in skype. 

In the account setting it says I have 3 months subscriptions unlimited call and there is an amount at $47. I do not have a skype credit (not sure if this make different),  but I assume with this subscriptions from BB I should able to make phone call? But in fact I can not do any single call.

Is there anything I should do as far as the setting? Please help. Thank you

Novel Tourist
I've downloaded Skype on my Z10 which has the latest software running yet when I open Skype it just loads halfway with a blank screen and then turns off? What's the problem?
Casual Tourist

I was looking for answer as to whether Skype is available for BlackBerry PlayBook. 

Is this something that is likely to be coming please? 

Claudius wrote:

A few weeks back, we announced that the Skype experience would soon be coming to the BlackBerry10 platform. The wait is now over! We’re delighted to tell you the Skype app is now available for download in a preview version for the BlackBerry Q10 from BlackBerry World.


Learn more about Skype on Blackberry 10.


Casual Adventurer

playbook is not the same system.  are you referring to the blackberry bridge app? 

what about skype for blackberry z10 phones......



Hi, DixieMay, and welcome to the Community,


Unfortunately, Skype has not made any announcements that we will see a Skype app on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, especially now that RIM BlackBerry announced development will not be continued for a BlackBerry tablet some months ago.



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Casual Adventurer
Hi Elaine, regards the playbook, you advised me a while back that it is possible to download Skype. On the playbook via Android apps, unfortunately though it downloaded OK it didn't work, now that it appears to be BB official policy to offer Android as an app source, is this an option to go for
Casual Adventurer

Dear Elaine,


with you becoming active in this tread today, I will be glad if you could also cast your glance upon my question from the end of the last year:


End of October there were rumors that there is a native BB 10 Skype Client in development, could you please confirm or dispel these gossips?


Thank you,