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Skype and Xbox 360 kinect

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Everything you said I agree with, but Windows Vista was also an awful opperating system Windows 7 was awesome and XP but vista looks ugly....

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Guess it's time to consider getting a Mac?
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I believe it is part of the plan this companies make to try and become a monopoly but they don't understand that variety and competition is what makes them better otherwise they would just say why try harder just put a new number on it... Like windows 8 or iPhone 5 people will buy it anyways....
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Apparently Only Xbox One is capable of Skyping!!! :robotmad:

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So that means they wont ever bring it to the 360 because they want us to get xbox one... ps4 you keep looking sexier from here

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Great idea, but here's the problem.   If Microsoft put Skype on the XBox 360, then you wouldn't have an incentive to buy an XBox One! 

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microsoft is yet to announce plans for xbox360 skype.

undoubtably they are planning to announce/release it AFTER the launce of XO (Xbox One).

expect it to slip silently in, potentially replacing kinect video, at the release of the next major OS update.


like video skype on psp

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I am wondering the same thing. I made a suggestion to Verizon to put Skype into the network as an option and they liked the idea. This would promote their business greatly.


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Skype on XBOX 360 would mean that you could give your old xbox360 to grandma for doing Skype, and people will still upgrade to the One because of the games, not because of Skype.


It's very sad that MSFT has not released Skype for the Xbox360 because that would open up a whole new market for them.

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