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Is there Skype for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U???

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I am wondering if there is Skype for 3DS or Wii U. Is there.???? Let me know. And if not can the Skype company plz call Nintendo for installing Skype? Thx cuz i keep on searching on the nintendo eShop and wii shop channel.

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im wondering the same thing.

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Ya Im wondering too............


I hope there is for 3DS XL and 3DS And Wii U.

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No. Fortunately,  there is a video chat programme on Wii U that resembles Skype. It uses the Miiverse function (which you might have heard about) where you can chat face-to-face with other players and your friends.

So, there is your answer to your problem.

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Aww come on my cousin even when im playin my game! oh well thats life

EDIT : title/message case changed.

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they should really develop this!!!!
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Actually, you said it yourself, "...there's the answer to your problem." No, it's not the answer. They obviously want to chat with people OUTSIDE the Mii world...and you can't do that with MiiChat.

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Mii chat do u mean wii speak channel (wii) or miiverse(wii u) or wii u chat(wii u)
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doesnt really solve my problem if most people dont have access to wii chat. kinda sucks to get a 32 gb system that cant skype
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Yea it does suck

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