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How to make video call on skype with Nokia N8

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How much more time must nokia n8 users wait? Nokia N8 is more than 1 year old, it will obsolete without skype support very soon.

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Hi guys,


I have just created an online petition for pressuring Skype thus Microsoft and also Nokia to not give up on properly supporting symbian phones and in the first place providing symbian users with a video call support on Skype for Symbian phones:



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Are you kidding....Dont you know that you cannot install .apk on any Symbian mobile phones....

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how to make viedo cals frm nokie n8

My dear friends!

I'm also using Nokia N8 but regreatfully it dosn't support vedio call I also suggesting from Nokia company to provide the vedio call system for Nokia n8, it will also increase the customer more people waitting for New version of skype vedio call,

if any one find the new version so please send me the link

wish you all best of luck


**personal information removed**

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how can i make vedio call on n 800
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Don't bother everyone... Skype developers, if there are exist any, are gonna be bothered when someone competitor with support for any device comes. In the age of 2012 they cannot support symbian smartphones. This is really crap. I'm really dessapointed from SKYPE. The worse thing is that they don't even give an excuse in this problem. I feel really sorry for skype team...
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cud u teach me h0w i install the skype video call for n0kia N8.
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Has Skype ever replied or made an attempt to address this issue?





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Yes! I do believe that N8 consists of all hardware for video chat, but Nokia does not want to provide spike video on N8 because they have to sell N9. N8 is used by millions of people around world. Nokia should respond to their well wisher other wise this brand will shortly become unpopular in comparision to SAMSUN S and Note series. I see probabiliy these are the reason Samsun is becoming No. 1 mobile seller. Nokia should change their strategy soon and respond to consumer voice for N8 as well.