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How to make video call on skype with Nokia N8

Novel Adventurer

для ЛОДКИНа:

fring can not be installed on your computer, it is only for smartphones! fring have had access to the users of Skype, but Skype has closed on this opportunity!

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I think Skype guys are doing nothing! Even they cant give facility of video calling for symbian anna or belle! Skype has no active developers!
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Seems like they sold their a**** to Apple and Samsung only.

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Novel Adventurer is great. works on both computers and phones. Works on N8 as well, just the buttons are kinda invisible

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Another vote for video calling on S^3 phones.  Is Skype actively developing the Symbian app anymore?  I'd point out that when you go to the Symbian download page at, it proudly displays 3 N8 phones, but when I visit on my N8 it says the phone isn't supported.  Huh?

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I had the same trouble with my n8 but now everytime I try to download from the page it says thqt is not supported for my phone I don't know what to do...
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Kindly let me know when Skype video call will be available for Nokia N8. Thanks.

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why dont they start developing the video call at least now>>?


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why have video skype for android and iphone......but for nokia n8 no.samebody can answer on my qustion.thans
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