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How to make video call on skype with Nokia N8

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all of my friends and my family using nokia smartphone,,,,but we cant use skype video calls i dont know why thats why i use skype for calling and when i like to use video calls i use fring...befor i was useing skype video thru fring but now i cant..that why i love skype and i wish to add video calls to nokia so we dont need to use other app for video.pleas skye add video to nokia.thank you
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the Skype team never replies.... I dont think they are capable of doing so !!!

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 yes yes we want a skype video calls ur to late plz alll the samsung and iphone u do to them but nokia whyyyyy ???????????????? there no problem wz the nokia n8 i mean symbian anna so plz make a skype vidoe call all off my family and all of lebanese use nokia fon ana we want a skyppe vide00000 call plzzz 

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please ANSWER !!!
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YEAH THIS IS SO TRUE, there are so many high-end nokia ones that have a secondary camara for video calling but I dont know why Skype doesnt enable video calling on these phones. They should at least enable video calling for Symbian^3/Anna phones with secondary camaras

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When it will be possible to make video call on skype with Nokia N8?

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SORRY ! Never !

Use Fring, pls.

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Seriously guys... Its Hell waiting for a video call on C7 / N8 from skype for Sooooooooooooooooo Longg... Come On Skype Guys... what the hell r u all doing.. just busy buttering Microsoft that u wont release anything now that works on any other platform other than windows 7.x !!
Dont think it should be such a big problem for skype developers to give such a known and small feature.... even after such a big outcry from public !!

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