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subscription but cant call anyone

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I just purchased the $2.99 subscription.  I have tried calling around ten different numbers and it just tells me "not enough skype credit"  The plan includes unlimited calls to Us and canada as well as to mobile and landlines.  I am in the US and typed +1 for the country code, the area codes and tried both mobile numbers and landlines.  Everything fails. The numbers I called are all to peoplep and places around me.  If i have a subscription do I also have to get skype credit to call someone?  Also, with this subscription can I call anyone or do they also have to be skype members?


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You have more than one account and right now you are making calls from the wrong account. Please open Skype client and sign out. Make sure you sign in with the exact same username you used for this forum.
This FAQ helps you find your usernames:
And in regards to your last question, you can call any number covered by your subscription and it does not matter if this person owns Skype username or not.
I hope it helps!
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