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skype on ps vita

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okay, im getting the 3g ps vita and it will have skype available on it. Does anyone know how it works if I can call other cell phones and landlines. It said it cost 2.99 a month to call landlines and cell phones. Is there more cost added also. Next qustion is can someone call me from a landline to the vita? Thanks for the help

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A reply on this forum would be great also curious about the same questions.
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First buy unlimited usa/canada for $30 a year (forget that $2.99 a month this one is better)


next buy an online number that is local to your area. say you live in detroit you would click united states>michigan>area code bla bla detroit then buy it for $30 additional a year. Give this number to the people you want to call you


now you are set up fo unlimited calling for a year for just $60 total. next you must go to the desktop version of skype and in the setting check the box that allows people other than your contacts to call you.


Now ps vita has a data plan..anytime you use the use skype or internet of any kind it will use the data until you are down to zero. when you get to zero you must replenish the plan for $30

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Glad to have a confirmation that the PSVita will have Skype. If you are using wifi and calling to another computer it should be free. On 3G of course you will burn up data time.
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I am also very interested in this. Does anyone know when the App for SKype is set to be released on the PSN or will it be some other form of download? If so, where from and how?

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ive got a few questions myself is skype coming for the vita will it cost a dime Im assuming the update 1.62 has skype with update as well.I also read on yahoo answers that it might be coming out tomorrow the 28 of Tuesday they also said no official date yet if remember correctly.but thats my news.

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yh about it burning up data time why would that happen since 3g is better
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yea true.but im trying to get my family to get the 3g.since i do have both the 3g and the wifi.
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Well here it is and its March 3rd already and still no Skype app on the PSN Store but they did bring Facebook back on the 1st.

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Any news about this?


Just got my vita and i'm interested in having skype on it.

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