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skype on nokia C7

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Hello people at Skype.

I've got a nokia C7 smartphone and I've installed skype at least 3 times, first from ovistore, later directly from

The application does get properly installed, but when I try to lunch it, it just gets to the "loading image" and then it just shuts down without actually getting to the application itself.


Thanks for the help!

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Experienced Adventurer

Try this-


Download from link to the right of the text:

Symbian^3 platform - version


on the following page:

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Casual Adventurer

I used this link, loads perfectly but get terrible heterodyning on the audio still, even using a decent wi-fi connection, so I know its not signal related.

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Happens just the same to me...with a Nokia E5. Since 1 week ago.

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Skype ver downloaded from the OviStore or from Skype does not work for the Nokia C7/Astound.  I could not understand the audio calls and could only hear echoes, pings and noisy feedback sounds from the Test audio or from actual Skype callers.


The blogosphere is full of Nokia C7 not working with Skype.  Shame shame.  Looks like Verizon's got the inside track with Skype to the detriment of Nokia/Symbian platforms

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Version  does not work either from Ovi Store or from the Skype Garage !  Audio calls come accross like a Poltergeist coming out of your TV set (incomprehensible).

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Novel Adventurer


I tried to get Skype to C7 with Symbian Anna.

Got the message:

Skype isn´t available for your phone.

What is wrong?

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same is happening on my nokia n97mini. Someone in skype inc should be aware of the problem and fix it
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Novel Tourist

I have the same problem on my Nokia C7 ,and  the skype people wont help, the skype for the symbian OS ,must be at fault.

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Casual Tourist

Yes, I agree.

People from Nokia should do something

It is not posible that we cannot use skype!!!!!

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