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skype for sprint phones

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why isnt there a skype for sprint network? I would l've t if there was skype for the sprint network.please get it on the sprint network.please please please
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What kind of phone do you have? I have been on the Sprint network for over 2 years now. I have an HTC EVO smartphone, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3G/WiFi tablet PC. I have used SKYPE on them since I first got the devices. First the smartphone, then last Sept. when I got the Galaxy Tab..first app I downloaded was SKYPE. I guess it all depends on which phone you have..let me know which device you have and maybe we can work out why you cannot get SKYPE on your Sprint device.
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I have a new Sansumg SII G4 Touch phone.  When I try to go on line to download skype it says I have to get a (gmail) download...  I already have a email address and dont want to get another one...  what does that have to do with mygetting a download of skype?

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What carrier are you using? If it is Sprint, and I believe Verizon.. you "MUST" have a gmail account. That should have been one of the 1 st things you should have had to do.. if you bought the phone new from a carrier like Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T. I had to, even when I upgraded from my EGO to my new Galaxy S II. I had to put in my gmail account, to get all my contacts, apps, etc. onto my new phone.

Once you have a gmail account, you can then have another account brought over. For example.. you have a solid gmail address, and you have an email address from AOL or Comcast, once you have gmail on any new phone like EVO, or the Galaxy S II, you can then have your AOL account attached to the gmail account.

Know this though.. your gmail will ALWAYS be your primary account. I hope this helps, if you have any questions.. please feel free to email me.
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To made_alone Sprint does have Skype.. Go to the Market and do a search for Skype. Once you'be found the app.. download it.. now you have Skype.. on the best network, the Sprint Network.
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Did you mean something similar to Verizon where you can use Skype and make video and or voice call without having WiFi miles around?

Skype, we need you on Sprint network. Verizon is not giving us unlimited data, anymore. 

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I am too lazy to go through all of the posts, though I am not to lazy to post what I found to be the solution.


Call sprint and have them enable shortcode text messages.


Instantly worked and they were able to see all the texts that were blocked. I hope this helps. Sorry if this has already been answered.

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