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skype for blackberry playbook??

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does anyone know how to download skype to a blackberry playbook???


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You can't. Playbook doesn't support Skype. There is a thread and lots of people asking for this to happen (I think the thread is called Playbook Please). Skype doesn't work on blackberries either - except through Verizon - as I understand it.

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you can't!! i don't know what the issue is as neither side are saying but if they don't break the ice soon it will sink PB sales.  i don't want to drink the apple koolaid but i will switch if this is not resolved soon! 


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Well, this is the first of the contenders to go after VOIP market on the playbook.


Ephone from Comwave App allows you to make and receive phone calls using your PlayBook™ from anywhere you want!  Additionally, Comwave allows consumers to make Video Calls to other ePhone users as well at no additional charge.   

Looks like a little company from Canada is poised to start taking a bite out of Skype's customers.


Would someone from Skype please address this? I don't want to leave Skype, but if you continue to ignore the playbook, I may have to.

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I just checked out EPhone's app.  Seems pretty cool.  I am going to drop the $20/year for my PB and another $20 for my wife.  Sorry SKYPE - that could have been yours....

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it is about time we got skype on the blackberry playbook come on blackberry and skype get it sorted we all want it !!!!!!!!
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I was all set to sign on to ephone but noticed in the small print that for the USA it does not include 808 which is Hawaii.  That is the only area I need to phone.  So it is useless for me.

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you would think Skype would have a version for the Playbook immediately after Playbook hit the stores. It looks like Skype doesn't care about their loyal customers who happen to own a Playbook. Playbook would be a perfect platform for Skype, but obviously Skype is not in any rush to offer Playbook owners an app. I've used Skype for mony years and am shocked that Skype has dropped the ball on this one,I will be an ex Skype user if someone else beats Skype in creating an app for Playbook. I've been waiting for Skype for quite some time, and thought by now.they would have solved not having one by now!
I am very upset with Skype !
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I just ordered a Playbook and unfortunately there is no official Skype app for the Playbook QNX OS.  I can't wait to receive the Playbook, as I know the hardware specs blow away most if not all the tablets out there.


I use SKYPE all the time on my PC and Blackberry Curve (I use IM+).


It is a shame SKYPE does not yet support QNX and the Blackberry Playbook.

I'll have to use "imo" or "IM+" by shape services.  I use IM+ on my Curve 9300.

However those services add an extra layer between the user and the SKYPE servers, so in practical use they are really only good for SKYPE texting.


Come on SKYPE it can't be that hard to take your code and port it to QNX.

Doing so would not only support the Playbook, but is also needed for the Blackberry QNX phones slated for release in 2012.


I hope you do it soon.  Maybe you can hire a new computer science or engineering grad to port the code

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Ok. So you can get skype for it! There is an app called imo and you can get skype... aim... yahoo messenger... and more!

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