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skype for blackberry Z10

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When would this come into service just out of curiosity.
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Hi, Ajdjali,


Please see this thread!


Kind regards,


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when are you going to issue Skype for BB Z10? important question.

you product is amazing. I love it and will give you a testimonial that will be worth millions when you get BB 10 launched i have been using Skype for 5 years and without it we would never have been able to get our business this product

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Ok Skype, I have just about had it,… I check news, forums , and this community and still I have no definitive answer. You are throwing your support teams and moderators “under the bus” with the public,.. NOT cool. So lets rephrase the question that you have been asked so many times already,…incase somehow your marketing team and management didn’t quite get it the first time.


When will Skype be available to the general public on the BlackBerry 10 handheld devices, specifically the Z10 and soon to be released Q10?


I do not want to hear it is being “worked on” or it will be “soon”. You either have a plan or not for this, and saying you are working closely with BlackBerry is just a deflection. So just in case you might misunderstood my question  the first time let me rephrase it again:


When will Skype be available to the general public on the BlackBerry 10 handheld devices, specifically the Z10 and soon to be released Q10?


And to whoever is moderating this community please stop letting management throw you under the bus and push them to actually answer.  I love your product, but man, effective communication and managing customer expectations  is really lacking,… Really, it is annoying,...

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I totally agree gr8innovaton posting! I've been a Blackberry (BB) fun forever, but I think they are not responding precisely because they are not listening to their customers.  My father in law bought a BB play book almost 2 years ago (due to my suggestion) and BB  said skype would be available soon. It is still not available!

I did not buy an iphone because I was waiting for a Blackberry smart phone. Now that I have the new z10, (I loved it! Except for the fact that skype is not available). Now, I am reconsidering moving it to Apple soon.

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I am hearing the same news "its coming soon" since the launch of bb z10, I am just wondering when is this soon, atleast can we expect in 2015 or 2020 or it may take more time????? and this really freaking me out, If you dont have any plans to release skype for blackberry z10 then you should not have said its coming soon. this is a kinda false news or a plan to increase sales of bb????

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Check this post here on forum
Skype for Q10 is at bb world, hope will be for Z10 in few days

Hope this helps, cheers
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Maybe at Skype they don't speak English. Anyone tried a different language?

Maybe they don't know how to read.
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