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skype download for blackberry 9800 torch

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Where is it ? Where is Skype for my BlackBerry Torch ? Where is just one person from Skype who has the decency or courage to tell us the truth ?

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That's suck's
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Hmmsh, strange inni
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Thank you
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How I can download skype on my blackberry torch
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RIM(makers of Blackberry) should have bought skype years ago when RIM's shares were up and it was still a contender. 6 or 7 years later, and now the truth is unfolding gradually. VOIP is evolving, and revolutionizing communications and is the key to videophones of the future. Who would have thought? And, Microsoft is holding the ball. I remember experimenting with sending voice over the internet in I think it was 1991 using something called a Next machine which was a new toy at our university engineering department, but then it was difficult to ensure the data packets would all arrive in sequence... Well, well.

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Hola meu amor
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Please, I need help to install a skype for my blackberry torch. Any idea on how?

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Has anyone managed to sort skype for the Blackberry Torch 9800? If so, please could they let me know how to go about it?
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