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skype download for blackberry 9800 torch

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The problem is not Skype... It is Blackberry blocking the Application... They want you to use their own little messenger, which come at an additional monthly fee in most countries... For this reason, Blackberry should rather not be bought.. Get a Nokia, as their models support Skype.. Furthermore, Blackberyy messenger is a pain.. It eats your battery, I need to charge my phone atleast once a day, or that is it.. Since Skype uses a different type of connection, it is easy on your battery too (unlike whassup, and the others) Also Skype you can providing that you have a good connection make voice and video calls free..

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You might be correct, however, why then does BB not block Google Talk or Microsoft Messenger?

Why then does Skype not answer the question if they can't really do anything about it?

Why then does BB not block for the famous Verizon, 3 customers?

Why then was it Skype (not BB) who forced Fring to end providing Skype service to BB users?

Just some thoughts....



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Good remarks...


But this does not change the fact that BB is like Soviet Russia compared to Iphone and Android phones. I have an LG android phone and can do whatever I like. BB is becoming a phone for teen girls and boys for BB messenger and for people who wants to be seemed like businessmen, an accessory.

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Please help, i wanna download skype to my blackberry 8930 curve

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I want free skype downlod
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Hi there

please help me i cannot dowmload skype to my blackkberry 9330 because I bough the skype cradit and sometimes I want to call my country by use my skype credit.

thank you

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How can insall skype for my torch 9800